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Hole Punching for Binders - PDF Preparation for Printing

Basic Limitations of Hole Punching

Maximum document thickness after binding: Unlimited
Maximum print format for binding: A3 (binding for A3 format is only possible on the shorter edge of the document)

Trim, Safe Zone, and Bleed

The red line indicates where the document will be trimmed. The trim may not always be perfectly accurate, which is why it's important to respect the safe zone (see blue line).

The blue line highlights the safe zone, beyond which texts and other important elements hasn't to be extended. Everything outside the safe zone may be trimmed or punched.

The pink area represents the bleed. The bleed is the area added to the final size of the graphic design. It involves adding 2.5 mm of graphics on each side. As it is seen in the image, the graphics extend beyond the trim (the head of the person at the top of the document and the wheels of the chair at the bottom extend beyond the trim to create the bleed).

Position of Binding on Individual Pages of the Document

For a double-sided printed and punched document, odd-numbered pages have holes on the left side of the graphics (see our image), and even-numbered pages have holes on the right side of the graphics. Therefore, consider where the holes will interfere with the graphics and adjust the graphics accordingly.

If your document includes page numbering, also consider whether it is aligned correctly with respect to the binding of the document.

Other Considerations

  • The document can have a larger bleed than 2.5mm.
  • It is beneficial if the document has crop marks, but it is not mandatory.
  • For further information, refer to the Basic guidelines for preparing graphics for printing.
  • We can print and bind the document even if it does not have a bleed or safe zone. In such case, the final document will have white margins (the graphics will not extend to the edge).

Our Assurance

We check every file from the customer before printing to ensure a high-quality final product. Therefore, you don't have to worry if you make a mistake in preparing the PDF for printing; we will catch it and contact you to help you to correct it. Additionally, our graphic designer is always available to help you create a print-ready document from your files.

Note: Checking the files, we do not check the grammatical and content accuracy, only the preparation of the files for printing.

We are attaching a sample PDF document as a final preview, which is prepared for printing with comb binding.